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Karl Hamilton-Cox

Karl has been an Engineer for over 30 years.  A Hereford-based self-taught Artist, model maker and occasional sculptor he picked up a paintbrush seriously in 2006.

With a realistic style from the very start his early automotive artwork was very photographic, this discipline and attention to detail came naturally from his technical background and portraiture work.  His portfolio is wide-ranging from figurative & portraiture through automotive and wildlife subjects making him an adaptable and experimental artist.

Karl works with many media regularly using oil, acrylic, graphite or charcoal.  He undertakes commissions; although not represented by a gallery he regularly successfully exhibits in London, Birmingham, Hereford and in Summer 2013, Chicago.

He has a direct family link to Aston Martin as his Uncle was a craftsman at the Newport Pagnell factory for over 40 years

All Work by Karl Hamilton-Cox

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