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Dennis Hoyt

Dennis Hoyt is an American artist whose wood sculptures are amazingly lifelike...from concept to production. Looking at the works of art you are barely able to comprehend in these few photos the time spent on each of these sculptures.


The intricacy of each piece is unmatched, creating visually stunning and one of a kind wooden masterpieces, that are sure to be an eye catching conversation piece.


Dennis Hoyt has presented numerous original creations, ever more complex, always searching for the gateway between art and cars, a universe that has won more than one cross-Atlantic fan. He is constantly exploring the use of other materials to enhance this concept and his work is not only restricted to wood but also combines it with wire structures.


Speed and motion are the core of his imagination, how does one make the subject look like it is going faster, more visceral, not merely imply or suggest it, but make it immediate and intense.


Hoyt believes that the future lies in his ability to develop large three dimensional pieces that are so engaging that people will actually become an integral part of the sculpture as they view it. This desire to engage the audience, to draw them in into the work figuratively, physically, emotionally, and intellectually is his ultimate goal. Cantilevered pieces that visibly defy imagination, while being structurally sound must also posses the element of tactility, which by its' nature is engaging.


Commission Dennis Hoyt today for your own awe-inspiring sculpture

DB9R Sketch

All Work by Dennis Hoyt

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